Logistics/Embarkation Specialist MOS, Basic Landing Support. Specialist MOS Amphibious Ship Load Planner’s (MDI7). Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). , Is the Mobility Officer () or Embarkation Officer (non ) assigned Joint Pub Amphibious Embarkation and Debarkation?.

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Large Aircraft For aircraft that operated from a hard-surface airfield, protected areas, such as wheel wells and around cargo or passenger doors, are cleaned.

Embarkation Officer Marine Corps MOS U.S.M.C. Military Decal

This management system provides visibility of costs for the air movement of passengers and cargo. Refer to single mobility system in order to obtain a cost estimate. POCs at each location supporting the airlift. The advance party consists of the following: RDD at the destination.

Unit Embarkation Handbook

Packing and Crating To save stowage space and lessen cargo damage, the following should be considered: Ajphibious COT is ultimately responsible for the embarkation of LF personnel and assets aboard his respective ship and is also assigned as the embarkation team commander. The CBP has been embarktaion enforcement authority for the Act. There are, however, two situations when ship s company may be authorized to occupy LF spaces: On the other hand, SAAM airlift is used to move entire units.


Multimode shipments require more lead time for coordination.

Embarkation Officer Marine Corps MOS 0430 U.S.M.C Military Decal

Maintain an inspection log to track the number of vehicles and to insure a double check for the tagged vehicles. Scrub and scrape as necessary. Assisting the TEO in the preparation of detailed loading plans for the ship. Qualified assistants Ejbarkation should be assigned early in the planning phase.

Marine Corps MOS | MOSDb

Mobility Planning The goal of mobility planning is to meet the required delivery dates RDDs for personnel, vehicles, supplies, and equipment at the intended destination. All personnel aboard ship, including embarked personnel, are subject to the CO s orders.

Coordinating with the major subordinate command MSC embarkation section on any unique policies and procedures. If the documentation process is delegated to the moving unit, a completed government bill of lading GBL must be provided to the base or station DMO and deploying unit before any cargo, equipment, or vehicle departs the base or station on commercial carriers.

Organization Code One Character Each organization has its own one-digit code. The CRG may require load team augmentation. Table of equipment-specific items that have airlift-unique characteristics or special loading requirements should be documented in unit desktop procedures and turnover folders. Cargo may not be able to move at the desired time.


Interiors must be soil-free, including the battery box. Organizations for embarkation and assignment to shipping. Vehicles and equipment should be staged at the loading site no later than 24 hours before the desired pickup time.

Mobility planning involves determining the throughput requirement the who, what, when, where, and how personnel, materiel, and cargo must move to support the TPFDD and sustain the force. Class VII Major End Items Complete pieces of equipment by themselves that do not lose their identity through use, such as trucks, tanks, guns, and power units.

The pallet board will be of sufficient size not to exceed 12 x 18 inches embarkatoon accommodate all required markings e.

Math for Marines I. Items identified as hazardous are required to have the proper HAZMAT identification labels placed on three sides of the container for shipment. Standard Medium Unitized Cargo Box standard dimensions: See table A-1 on page A This box is for unitizing equipment, mobile loading, containerization, and L pallet building.

Unit Identification Code Markings Unit identification code markings identify organizational ownership. See appendix C for sample documentation.