Posts about table 53A written by ronmooring. both ASTM and tables , calculations for Special Applications, LPG/NGL calculations). Volume VII – Generalized Crude Oils (Tables 53A & 54A) Volume VIII – Generalized Products (Tables 53B and 54B) Volume IX – Individual. If ” PRODUCTS ” TABLES 54B and 6B are selected, 1, A.S.T.M. TABLES. 2

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So as we found out the weight conversion factor for API 66 is 0. Now the final ullage report will look like this. But for petroleum products and crude oils, ASTM tables are used for calculating cargo weights.

ASTM Table Series | Marine Surveyor Information

This is something a chief officer cannot afford to do it wrong. Thank you verymuch sir. There is a simple co-relation between density in vacuum and density in the air. We need the density of the cargo to convert the volume of cargo to the weight.

Rajeev Jassal has sailed for over 19 years mainly on crude oil, product and chemical tankers. The density at 15 Deg C is always the density in Vacuum. Tun Oct 18, MySeaTime Blogs Learn the difficult concepts of sailing described in a easy and story-telling way.

The one with letter A is for crude oils and the one with letter B is for product oil. We need to follow the information provided by the cargo surveyor because that would be the table that is used for shore calculations and we need to use the same to avoid ship shore quantity difference. Sarath M Dec 25, Let us say we got the volumes from the ullage tables and the volumes for each tank are as per below.


So here is what we have. ASTM tables without any letter are common for both crude oils and product oils. Really helpful sir, I am preparing for Ch Mates phase I exams ans as I am from a dry cargo background, this artice really helped me out. Different manufacturer may have different densities for same chemical. This means that Density at 31 Deg C would be: This is true especially for vegetable oils Correct me if I am wrong.

This article would aim to simplify the cargo calculations on tankers.

If that was not enough, humans on this planet earth have managed to confuse it further. The cargo surveyor may provide a table of densities at different temperatures. Written by Capt Rajeev Jassal on September 23, There are no standard tables for chemicals. So for these ports here is what the volumes and temperatures in ullage report would look like. We need to apply Weight correction factor WCF to the standard volume to get the weight of the cargo.

First, check what cargo surveyor has provided you. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. In the vacuum, there is no buoyancy and 5a the weight is more than the same weight when measured in air. This is even easier than the previous section that we discussed.

ASTM Table 53 / 54

Let us say the provided values are Density at 25 Deg C: Lai h Nov 2, Ok, now let us get back to basics of cargo calculations on tankers. Sometimes it is difficult to understand which one to use and why. But what if we are provided with API gravity at some other temperature, say at 80 deg F?


Boris Sep 26, Remember volume changes with temperature. We need to convert the volumes to the weight of the cargo in each tank. This will be the volume at the observed temperature. In air or in Vacuum Apart from the units, weight is measured in air or in Vacuum.

Volumes are measured in cubic meters at some places and barrels like in the US in other Weight is measured in Metric tons at some places and in long tons at other places and barrels at 60 deg F at other places. This podcast on the maritime matters will provide value to the listeners.

So when in these ports, we need to have the volumes in Barrels and temperature in Deg F.

ASTM Table 53 / 54

There are so many tables to use and so many terms that float. MySeaTime Podcast This podcast on the maritime matters will provide value to the listeners. Rajeev, Above well explained. So let us say that cargo surveyor has provided us with the density at a particular temperature and correction factor.

Pushkar Oct 30,