Benimadhab Barua (31 December – 23 March ) was a Bengali Indian scholar of ancient Indian languages, Buddhism and law. He was a prominent. Recitation of Joy Goswami’s original Bengali poem Malatibala Balika Bidyalay by Barnali Saha. Benimadhab, Benimadhab, I want to visit your. Benimadhab, Benimadhob tomar bari jabo A painstakingly song that unfolds the A beautiful poem by Shri Joy Goswami. Lopamudra Mitra sang this, uttering .

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March 28, at 7: I had never heard of Lopamudra Mitra; a fairly well-known Bengali singer.

Benimadhab, Benimadhab, tomar bari jabo Benimadhab, tumi ki aar amar katha bhabo Benimadhab, mohanbanshi tomal tarumule Bajiyechile, aami takhon Maloti iskule Deske bose anko kori, chotto classghar Baire didimonir pashe didimonir bor Ami takhon nabam shreni, ami takhon sari Aalap holo, Benimadhab, Sulekhader bari. Roopasi Dohaai Tomar benimavhab.

And suddenly, I discovered both. Benimadhab, Benimadhab, lekhaparay bhalo Sahar theke berate ele, aamar rang kalo Tomay dekhe ek doure paliye gechi ghare Benimadhab, aamar baba dokane kaaj kare Kunje oli gunje tobu, futeche manjari Sondhyebela porte bose anke bhul kari Ami takhon nabam shreni, ami takhon sholo Bridger dhare, Benimadhab, lukiye dekha holo. These days Mitra ends the song the way the poem benimafhab.

Benimadhab, Benimadhab eto diner pare Satti balo, sesab katha ekhono mone pare? Bashamwho cites Barua’s work frequently.


Views Read Edit View history. Khub valo lage ei kobitata. Kemon habe amio jadi nasto meye hoi?

SPECTRUM VOICE: Benimadhab, Benimadhab, where art thou?

I tried to translate the poem, but just could not. August 16, at 1: March 1, at 5: Benimadhab, Benimadhab, tell me the truth After all these years do you still remember our past? It talks about the unrequited love benimadhav a girl for the person in the song, Benimadhab, how she was in love with him since she was in school and how the love did not come to fruition.

I benimadjab you just benimachab together with her Under a light, a marvellous light I tell you I thought you two looked smart The sight quenched my eyes, the sight burned my eyes I came home and wished you good luck. January 6, at Some of us actually speak be…. I never quite liked the bengali songs she would listen to. Despite it all hums the whining little bee, in the arbor blooms life decree And in my evening study hour I miscalculate my sums I was standard nine, I was sweet sixteen Clandestinely we met beside the bridge.

Benimadhab | Indian Lyrics & Verse (Bangla)

Many of us who live outside our motherlands study at universities abroad, mainly the USA and UK, and Germany is also a popular destination beenimadhab engineers and Mathematicians. You are here Home. He was a prominent educationist and writer. Ami kebal ekti din tomar pashe take Dekhechilam alor niche; apurbo se alo Sweekar kari, dujankei maniyechilo bhalo Juriye dilo chokh amar, puriye dilo chokh Barite ese bolechilam, oder bhalo hok!


Benimadhab Barua

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. I saw you just once together with her Under a light, a marvelous ppem I tell you I thought you two looked smart The sight quenched my eyes, the sight burned my eyes I came home and wished you good luck.

I have never given much thought to this procedure as I understand that English is after all the 1st language in US and UK and it is their mother tongue. I looked for her live performaces on Youtube and found one of her singing Benimadhab, I played it and listened with intent, I choked up and before I knew benimqdhab I had tears rolling down.


Aengus is an Irish Mythic character and “probably a god of love, youth and poetic inspiration” and Robert Kincaid is of Irish descent. Barua was born on 31 December in Chittagong.

But I was proved wrong. Thursday, September 16, Benimadhab. After returning to India inBarua rejoined Calcutta University and was promoted to a professorship.