2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. isc Website: isc Silicon NPN Power Transistors. 2SC DESCRIPTION. ·Low Collector Saturation Voltage.: VCE(sat)= V(Max)@ IC= 6A. 2SC Datasheet PDF Download – Silicon NPN Epitaxial Type / High Current Switching Applications, 2SC data sheet.

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Along with other characteristics of theaperture grille approach, this permits a somewhat higher possiblebrightness to be achieved and is more immune to other problems likeline induced moire and purity changes due to local heating causingdistortion of the shadow mask.

It takes about 15 minutes of the powerbeing off for each cool down cycle. We will all come to expect its superiorresolution, freedom from noise and ghosting, and pure CD sound.

2SC3346 PDF Datasheet ( 特性, スペック, ピン接続図 )

There you’ll findspecially educated people and the speed of the assembly line is a lot lowerthan usual. Yoke requires sawtooth waveform for linear vertical deflection. Discrete multivibrator or other simple transistor circuit to provide base drive to the HOT. Be careful not to scratch the screenface with anything sharp.

You can easily turn 2sv3346 simple repair e. Turn R, G, and B screen or background controls down. In some cases,a variety of other DC voltages are derived directly from the AC line byrectification, filtering, and regulation. I think they made the TV go blurry after a while. Possible regulation problems resulting in HV or total shutdown or power cycling on and off. This will allow ample margin for power linevoltage fluctuations, component aging, and the reduction in raster sizethat may occur with some VCR special effects fast play modes.

Reconnect whatever is needed for testing after thecover is removed.

Silicon NPN Power Transistors

If you can obtain a good b w pic. The microcontroller apparently senses the dropin voltage and shuts the unit down or continuously cycles power. 2sc336 of the electromagnetic fields of the catasheet systems may result in one or both displays jiggling, wiggling, or vibrating.

If theresistance checks out, replace the fuse and try powering the TV. These are almost always located on a little circuit board plugged directly onto the neck of the CRT. There are very few situations in whichan isolation transformer will hurt. Rememberthat the problems with the most catastrophic impact on operation like a deadTV usually have the simplest solutions. If the TV quits at about the same brightness level, overcurrent protection is likely. It is painted onto the inside and outside of picturetubes to form the 2 plates of a high voltage filter capacitor using the glassin between as dielectric.


I wouldsuggest the kid’s room but most TV watching just rots the brain anyhow soa broken TV may be more worthwhile educationally than one that works. Usually, this is a separate low voltage power supply using a small power transformer for line isolation.

Newer TVs use ICs for vertical drive and output. These do dafasheet need to be reallyexpensive but poor quality tools are worse than useless and can causedamage. You don’t need to buy a fancy combination unit. Figure out how to bypass the turn on circuit from the microprocessor unlessit’s a manual one.

Therefore, we have the following functions: Don’t assume the existing tape will hold – the adhesive is probably dry and brittle. In a nutshell eatasheet regulator is a switched mode circuit that uses a winding from the high voltage transformer to turn off the 2ssc3346.

However, if your set is still of the type with 2ssc3346 drawer or panel of knobsfor these adjustments, don’t even think about doing anything withouta service manual and follow it to the letter unless the functions of allthe knobs is clearly marked some manufacturers actually do a pretty goodjob of this.

Clean the screen with a soft cloth just dampenedwith water and at most, mild detergent. Modern computers and video games should not be nearly as much of a risk sincethe displays are so much more varied and dynamic.

The opposite order also works. If you do go inside, beware: On older or cheap TVs with a datasheeh tuner, this is usually mounted to the front panel by itself. Move the yoke forward until you have the best overall red purity.

These circuits provide the waveforms needed to sweep the electron beam in the CRT from top to bottom and back 60 times per second for NTSC. There is no charge except to cover the costs of copying.


The danger is probably more in the collateral damage when you jump ripping flesh and smashing your head against the ceiling.

If the HOT tests bad, try powering the set first with your light bulb and ifit just flashes once when the capacitor is charging, then put a fuse inand try it. There is no reason to suspect thatit will develop similar symptoms.

2SC Datasheet PDF –

Test it or substitute a known good one of about the same uF ratingand at least equal voltage rating. However, you should check across this capacitor – usually only dataaheet and by far the largest in the set – with a voltmeter and discharge as suggested in the section: Note thatpurity determines that the correct video signal excites theproper color while convergence determines the geometricalignment of the 3 colors.

These designs may take several forms: Specific considerations before poking around inside a TV: If something is still shifting after warmup andget some cold-spray or even a little blower and try to locate the componentthat 2sc3364 drifting.

Somepeople find these wires to be objectionable and for some criticalapplications, they may be unacceptable e. Having said that, a basic knowledge of how a TV set works and what cango wrong can be of great value even if you do not attempt the repair yourself. Unsolder and check again – it should test infinite greater than 1M ohms inone direction.

If an AC degaussing coil or substitute is unavailable, I have even adtasheet with a permanent magnet but this is not recommended since it is morelikely to make the problem worse than better.

I seem to remember them having some effect on the TV though. This indicates that some of thelow voltages are present but these may be derived from the standby supply.

Convergence refers to the control of the instantaneous positions of the red,green, and blue spots 2sc346 they scan across the face of the CRT so that they areas nearly coincident as possible.