ATLAC Identification of the substance/preparation and company/ undertaking. Product name. ATLAC Recommended use.: Resins system used in. ATLAC® by Aliancys is an non-reinforced, multi-purpose epoxy bisphenol-A vinyl ester resin, dissolved in styrene. It can be cured with 1 ml Butanox LPT-IN. ATLAC Standard vinyl ester resin. Provides resistance to a wide range of acids, alkali, and bleaches for the use in corrosive environments in the chemi-.

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Apart from the lower or in some cases close-to-zero emissions, these can help create unique system performance, while being safe to use and not suspect in terms of human toxicity. Check here, which other Atlac datasheets, application examples or technical articles are available in Material Data Center.

It is clear that material alac used to repair industrial storage tanks will require a different technical solution than a system to repair drinking water pipelines. Conclusion DSM believes that its continued success will be driven by its ability to create shared value for all stakeholders, now and in the future. DSM introduced three new cobalt-free pre-accelerated resins to the market inwith many more to come in In the pipe relining sector styrene-free has been on the radar for a number of years.

For more information about cobalt-free curing see the feature Cobalt-free curing takes off. The user takes sole responsibility for the use of this data under the exclusion of every liability from M-Base; this is especially valid for claims of compensation resulting from atlav damages. This involves using the correct protective equipment and not exceeding guideline exposure times. Home Imprint Privacy Statement About.

While enabling food processing and drinking water operations to run more smoothly as a result of the durability and resistance to chemicals of vinyl ester and unsaturated polyester resins, DSM is supporting the industry in creating products that are safer to use.

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Umicore to triple battery materials capacity Umicore plans to increase its capacity for NMC nickel manganese cobalt cathode materials. Talac, vessels and storage tanks operating in direct contact with food or drinking water require compliance with specific European standards and regulations.


Introduction of GMP Pipes, vessels and storage tanks operating in direct contact with food or qtlac water require compliance with specific European standards and regulations.

Through sub-licensing it is immediately and easily accessible to all composite component and resin manufacturers around the world.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. It has been demonstrated that workers can safely work with styrene under specific conditions. Material Data Center offers a comprehensive plastics database, calculation tools, CAE interfaces, a literature database and an application database.

Free online registration is available. However, once a viable styrene-free technology becomes available, the likelihood that customers will want to implement such a sustainable solution will definitely increase.

New resins help meet global trends – Part 2 – Materials Today

For more information about Material Data Center visit www. Material Data Center is a leading international information system for the plastics industry. For components in contact with drinking water the requirements are less defined: BluCure products are either cobalt-free accelerators or cobalt-free pre-accelerated resins and meet the following strict criteria: Material datasheets atlzc free.

You can apply to receive your free copy by completing the registration form. Copyright laws are applicable for the content of this system. Other cobalt salts including cobalt chloride and cobalt diacetate were already reclassified atlacc CMR 1B in Use the following short links to get directly to the properties of interest in this datasheet: Our website uses cookies Cookies enable us to provide the best experience possible and help us understand how visitors use our website.

A key challenge is to maintain the advantages associated with the robustness in processing offered by styrene-containing resin systems, and to find a solution that can come close in terms of cost.

Resins with a reduced content of styrene can provide a temporary relief, and they will help reduce styrene emissions to some extent. In the styrene-free resins systems currently offered by DSM alternative reactive diluents are used, typically based on methacrylates. Additional information about this material, like producer atlaac address, etc. Okay, I understand Learn more.


This includes atllac contents of this system. BluCure is the first cobalt-free curing technology in the world for ambient temperature cure. By using resins that have been made in line with GMP, manufacturers altac components for drinking water contact will obtain faster certification of their parts and can better control their production process, as the resin system simply does not contain hazardous components that may leach out.

M-Base explicitly points out that any decision about the application of materials must be double checked with the producer of this material. Part 1 of this article focused on DSM ‘s innovation strategy for composites and its work in the areas of renewable raw materials, life cycle assessment, and the elimination of hazardous substances.

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In unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resin systems the reactive diluent predominantly used is styrene. So we need to be realistic about the pace of change. Talac ensures that materials and parts are made consistently at a high quality level, and that all the right precautions are taken for avoiding cross-contamination. For access to this extra information a registration is requested. For some accelerators and resins it has been found that 4430 new systems can even give a better cure than the cobalt-containing reference resulting in a faster buildup of Barcol and reduction of residual styrene.

In terms of overall mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties, cobalt-free laminates based on BluCure technology have similar performance characteristics to their cobalt-containing equivalent.

In some applications this may eliminate the need for post-cure. DSM believes that its continued success will be driven by its ability to create shared value for all stakeholders, now and in the future.

In some cases performance is better,