BCT. Uniden’s analog-only portable Trunktracker scanner with Dynamic Programming Your Uniden Scanner · · BCT Owner’s Manual. ARC Software User Manual 3. 1: INTRODUCTION: ARC is a Windows software package for easy programming and controlling the Uniden BCT. Uniden BTT Scanner Manual. BCT Channel Scanner with Close Call and TrunkTracker III. The Uniden BC T Handheld Scanner features .

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Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Uniden, or operation of this product in any way other than as detailed by this Operating Guide, could void your authority to operate this product.

Control Channel Only Scanning – if the scanner is set to scan Motorola trunking frequencies, you can set it so it scans using only control channel data. When a user transmits on an input frequencythe signal is picked up by the repeater and retransmitted on an output frequency.

Set Manuxl Call Mode: For Custom rebanded Motorola Systems Requires b2c46t 2. If you can’t hear a control channel when you step through the trunking frequencies in manual modeyou either don’t have all the frequencies or are too far away to receive the control channel and the system. Off – Close Call bc246h turned off. Motorola trunking radios directly interpret them for their special functions, thus no difference is noticed by the person with the radio.

You can store up to different systems if there is enough memory. Lets you select whether the scanner automatically stores Close Call hits into channels.


My biggest gripe is that it doesn’t follow the bcc246t of the radio. It’s fun hearing all of the systems around here that are now trunking systems.

LTR systems are limited to 20 frequencies per system. Information about the currently tuned frequency appears here. Off The attenuator is off. The Product should be shipped freight prepaid, by traceable means, or delivered, to warrantor at: If you should receive an alert, you will hear a loud warbling then the weather channel audio.

Editing a Custom Search Range You can edit up to maual custom search ranges.

This setting determines which types of signals will trigger an alert. This automati- cally disconnects the internal speaker. The quick keys for the system s and group s containing the priority channel s have to be turned on and groups and systems have to be unlocked or the scanner will display Priority Scan No Channel. To exit CC only p ress Scan. To Delete a Systempress Menu. Attenuation can help reduce interference by about 18 dB.

To unlock frequencies see Reviewing Locked Out Frequencies. The first line will alternate between the system name and the group name in the system and ‘Scan Hold’ if in Hold mode. I’m expecting the same quality of reception and use others have achieved.


UHF Hi, 25 cm Ham. The scanner scans a system for the duration you set using the ‘system hold time’ option. So, I have written this manual for myself so I can actually use the scanner and will share it with you. A band plan is required so the scanner can correctly determine the voice manuxl frequencies. To Edit Search and Close Options: The only knick I could possibly give this scanner is the inability to directly enter a frequency using the keypad.


Uniden bt246t scanner Owner’s manual download

The trunking system automatically transmits the call on the first available frequency, and also sends on a different frequency called a Data or Control channel a code that uniquely identifies that transmission as a talkgroup ID or just ID.

Lets you select how the Close Call feature works while scanning or searching mwnual doing anything else. I do think that a cheap vinyl case should be incuded in the cost, would be a nice touch.

The software even has a log with hit counter to show where the action is. Turn the scroll control back or forward while in hold mode. Turn on this setting if you are near strong signal sources.

This is different from scanning because you are searching for frequencies that have not been programmed into the scanner. If it does not detect a transmission on the output frequency, it remains on the original frequency. bc46t

Uniden BC246T User Manual

Yes – the scanner immediately returns to the control channel when it detects the end code. Check back often as this document will be updated and revised from time mankal time. Most radios using this type of operation are limited to line-of-sight operation.

If the ID has already been stored, the scanner continues to search.