Belkin | TuneCast | – Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter Mod. Home Sign Up! Explore Community Submit All Art Craft Food Games Green Home. I’m using a Belkin Tunecast II, with the longer antenna mod, and the quality of the audio is terrible. The coverage is not too bad, but its full of. the Belkin tunecast 2 FM transmitter can be modified to extend the transmit range. It can put out over milliwatts of RF power and be heard.

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Q3 – Does connector type on the end matter?

Now if you wish to take it further, get a telescopic antenna! Now its in front of the house!!!

Belkin Tunecast II mod

I have devised a neat way of attaching the antenna, see second photo. Well, the music I have trouble with is quite loud in places and I adjust out the distortion then, but even so, the quiet parts I’m talking of orchestral music are still below the TC3’s threshold, resulting in the beeping which I can’t seem to override and then cut out, a pain in the backside!!!

It seems to have a Belkin label, which would mean it’s a custom chip for which you cannot find a datasheet.

UK Wish I had smaller fingers – I would do this one Been reading up on FM transmitters and the Tunecast 2 seemed easy to modify the range so I belkiin and purchased one. I know what I will be doing tomorrow: Just plug tunrcast int the disk drive connector.


Not bad considering I’m fighting a station. It’ll take allot of gain at least 20db gain to get any good range, but it’s a nice stable stereo signal, and this amp will do the trick.

While legal power for home use, the fact that you could knock the Christian station off the air and pump Howard Stern into the dash of the car beljin next to you apparently caused some complaints.

I off to buy an amp right now!!!

Please help me out with the Belkin Mod, I have a few questions. I get all of about 40 feet transmission distance not matter how I try to set this unit up: Pelee tip photos in chronological order Just a piece of CAT5e cable cut to length for the wire. Q1 – what kind of of coax? It didn’t on mine.

Pictures aren’t high-res, though: Not to boost the power, more like removing the attenuation. Point A, top left ‘leg’ of SMD transistor 2. The second image is a drawing of the circuit connection. Only soldered a new wire to the Tunecast before by before I mean before the signal reaches the attenuator.

A diagram is attached. I opened up the car adapter end, cut off the wiring to it, and hooked it up to the power supply I am using for the Ren In the end i basic shorted the resistor.

Belkin Tunecast II mod | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

How to boost the FM Transmission power Well I forgot to make a picture of this, and currently I’m too lazy to reopen the device and take a picture: I have seen several ways and I was just confused. This product sounds more encouraging and has better reviews: Jan 13, at 4: I guess it helps filter out low frequencies and protect the IC.


Has anyone here managed to open one of these? SEE PIC-2 After 1 finding a vacant frequency in my area and 2 computing the antenna length for that Frequency I understand that the length attached to the Belkin is added to the length used for the DiPole to compute total length for the selected frequency. I soldiered a 32 inch piece of wire to the left side. Here is a schematic: What is your frequency. I put the first 3 characters in the first field and the rest in the 2nd field and got this result.

If you solder the wire to the point before the attenuator, it does make a pretty big difference.

How to gut the TuneCast Those ever efficient Taiwanese manufacturer manage to secure this piece of gadget with just a single screw, if you’re handy with a screwdriver, that’s the job done!

This modification improves the transmission range and remove the ‘feature’ of auto-power down when no audio signal is present. Unsolder blue wire from here Image Notes bellkin.