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H I had succeeded it was my Intention to make the Tour of Italy, with my Grandson, pass into Germany and spend some time happily with you. Britain to disqualify every German from accepting a place of Zuk or prominence Civil or military unless both He and His Children can speak English intelligibly. Benjamin Franklin and Germany ruar, ‘, im Parlament, als iiber Widerrufung der Stempel- Acte gehandelt wurde, iiber verschiedene Dinge gerichtlich be- fragt.

Er besass ein gesundes Urteil, schnelle Auffassungsgabe und bewundernswerten Scharfsinnf er war ohne Stolz und Sehn- sucht, iiberhaiipt ein wahrer Held des Friedens.

Auch der kleinste und minder wich- Benjamin Franklin and Germany 87 tigste tragt iinverkennbar das Geprage der Originalitat und ist wenigstens von einem Funken def Geistes beseelt, der wohin er auch nur einen fliichtigen Blick war, iiberall Licht und Warme verbreitete. Then turn- ing to his works, which give even a clearer impression of his intellect, heart and character, he regrets that the German trans- lation of Franklin’s works is so imperfect.

Wer leiht, Uran, in jenen Fernen, Dass Licht kleid dir? Franklin felt this underlying motive and was successful in visiting Paris, with- out the British government being cognizant of his absence.

Attitude toward the North American Colonies. The poem runs thus: The Swedish ambassadors having offered his grand- son the position of American ambassador, and the Danish min- ister having been generous in a similar offer, Franklin says: Thomas Jefferson governor of the commonwealth of Virginia our Minister plenipotentiary giving and granting to them or such of them as shall assemble or in case of death, ab- sence, indisposition or other impediment of the others to any one of them full power and authority in our name and on our behalf, in concurrence with his most Christian Majesty to accept in due form the mediation of their Imperial Majesties, the Empress of Russia and the Emperor of Germany.


For forty years he had been busied in Pennsylvania politics.


Es war dies eigentlich eine Ver- theidigung Nollets gegen B. Refresh and try again. The entire nation reached out its hand to the new strugglers for human rights. So dacht’ Auch Franklin, und gleich ward die Probe gemacht. Aus dem Englischen iiber- setzt mit Anmerkungen vqu P. Benjamin Franklin and Germany 95 lution zu sehen, die bfnjamin Menschheit stets zu Vorbildern. Franklin as Known to Goethe.

The Way To Wealth

Dcr arme Richard, vom Jahreund seine Sclbstbiograpliie. Nach diesem Amerika Franklins wenden dann die Kraftgenies, denen das eingeschniirte und zivilisirte Europa, keinen Spielraum fiir die freie Entfaltung der Kriifte mehr lasst, gern ihren Blick. Douglas Shearer rated it liked it Dec 16, Man hat zwar vor ihm, allerley Gedanken von der Ahnlichkeit der BHtze mit der Elektricitat vorgetragen ; dieses sind aber bis dahin lauter Muthmassungen gewesen.

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Passive it most assuredly was, but yet a friendly attitude, which asserted itself later, however, in a more tangible form. Auf diese bauete ich den Entwurf von neuen Versuchen, welche diese Satze durch ihren Ddr entweder bestatigen, oder umstossen mussten.

To let an act of Parliament pass by Gr. Lists with This Book. This copy was no doubt in Franklin’s own possession and shows marks bbenjamin the final pages were cut out or lost.

In fact, the baron himself owed his ready acceptance and the American acquiescence to his sug- gestions in matter of warfare to the prestige gained from the honor accorded one who had been an adjutant in the Prussian army. Behjamin policy he hoped to perpetrate by eventually binding the ports of east Frisia closely and permanently with the markets of the North American Colonies.


Full text of “Benjamin Franklin and Germany ..”

School Donation Program In Memory of Royal Academy of Sciences of Paris, The Prussian agent says on the 24th of January: At the same time abusing the Philadelphians for fitting out privateers against the enemy and representing the trouble, hazard, an expense of defending the province, as a benjamni inconvenience than any that might be expected from the change of frabklin.

Our joint letters have already informed you of our late proceedings, to which I have nothing to add, except that the last act I did, as Minister Pleni- potentiary for making treaties, was to sign with him two days before I came away, the treaty of friendship, and commerce that had been agreed on with Prussia and which was to be carried to the Hague by Mr.

Diese Schriften und diese Biographic liefcrn im Verein das Gesammtbild eines nachahmenswerthen Lebens und Strebcns, das um so mehr Werth hat, weil es kein erfundenes, sondern ein wahres Lebensbild ist. To establish more English schools amongst the Germans.

Franklin’s task, however, was not an easy one and although the main field of his action was France and, in the narrower term, Paris, still he was the most responsible agent of all those sent, and it was through him as the final author- ity of the official jurisdiction of the home Congress that any treaties or alliances were formulated.

Washington und Franklin wollen ded die alten Klassiker bekannt machen. They are excellent hus- bandmen and contribute generally to the improvement of the country. T Brown rated it it was ok Jul 29,