Evergreen shrub, ft ( m), dense branches with “lethal” three-parted spines. Leaves alternate but often 5 per node, narrow, cm long x cm wide. Find help & information on Berberis julianae wintergreen barberry from the RHS. Buy Berberis Evergreen julianae Hedge (Berberis julianae) in a huge range of sizes.

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These are classified as Semi-evergreen. Dark green leaves turn scarlet Berberis julianaethe wintergreen barberry or Chinese barberryis a flowering evergreen shrub native to Central China Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, and Juliana.

Simply enter your message in the box above and A deciduous hybrid azalea which offers rich flowers and striking autumn foliage colour. Plants all arrived in good condition. This variety of rose will be cut back Pretty eye-catching fully double, yellow flowers with scarlet herberis produced from summer to autumn Saturated soil can deprive roots of oxygen.

Shrubs can be mulched in late winter, after fertiliser has been applied, but it can be mulched through autumn to late spring as long as the ground is damp. To remedy a high salt content, cut back on fertiliser and step up your watering regime for the next few weeks. Acid, Neutral, Alkaline Hardiness?

Reverted shoots are usually much more vigorous than the variegated ones, and thus should be completely pruned out and cut back into wood containing variegated foliage. Review submitted by a Best4hedging customer. Neutral A neutral pH which is around 7, will be suitable for most plants.


Season Spring interest plants Summer interest plants Autumn interest plants Winter interest plants. Plantae Wilsonianae an berbris of the woody plants collected in Western China for the Berveris Arboretum of Harvard University during the yearsand by E.

They can dry out quickly and are low in plant nutrients. Shrubs also benefit from mulching in order to supress weeds, conserve moisture and provide vital nutrients. Acid Soil with a pH between 1 and 7 is classed as acid, ericaceous plants such as Rhododendrons need acid soil. beberis

Berberis julianae (2/3L)

Orders Track my order s Registered Users Only, please log in first. Shrubs are deciduous or evergreen woody plants, and often provide fragrant flowers, berries and foliage.

It is given as juliana guide but can vary dependant on several factors such as soil quality and position. Full Sun Six or more full hours of direct sunlight but don’t forget to water. Shrubs in containers may need more feeding; usually from early betberis until late summer.

Berberis julianae Hedge Plant- Hedges Direct UK

You might also like: It bears clusters of yellow flowers in late spring which are sometimes red-tinged at the edges. Rhododendron Dwarf ‘Drake’s Mountain’ Loam Loam soils are s mixture of clay, sand and silt that avoid the extremes of clay or sandy soils. Plant the shrub at the same depth as it was in its original pot. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hebe x franciscana ‘Variegata’ syn ‘Silver This could be a natural occurrence, especially if you live near the ocean, or it could be from over fertilisation. Another cause of leaf browning is a high salt content in the soil. Planting and Conditions Container grown shrubs can be grown at any time of year. This will start with browning leaves, which could indicate plant stress due to lack of water or waterlogging, an establishment failure or, in the worst case scenario, honey fungus.

  ASTM D5685 PDF

This is a reliable, eye-catching Barberry with small, spiky, dark green leaves and pendant, golden-yellow flowers which are borne in great profusion Cart is empty Cart is empty. Semi-evergreen There are exceptions, some plant drop their leaves in cold winters but keep them if it is mild.

Dense Shade Usually no more than two hours direct sunlight. Flowering Time A plants development is synchronised with the changing seasons and flowering is one of several changes that occur at the appropriate time of year dependent on the specific plant.

Most shrubs will grow happily in containers, but they will be much more demanding on feeding and watering than shrubs in the ground would be. Well Drained Well-drained soil allows water to percolate through reasonably quickly without pooling. Chalk Chalky or lime-rich soils may be light or heavy, juliamae made up of calcium carbonate and are very alkaline.

They can however lose leaves sporadically throughout the year. Use the photographs as a guide befberis expect variations. More drought tolerant than other Rudbeckias, fulgida var.

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