Zach Barrows is a cocky, ambitious White House employee until he’s abruptly transferred out and partnered with Nathaniel Cade, a secret agent sworn to. Official website of writer Christopher Farnsworth, author of Killfile, The Eternal World, and Blood Oath. Blood Oath (Nathaniel Cade, book 1) by Christopher Farnsworth – book cover, description, publication history.

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Such a good read! Then he gets assigned to a position he can’t really resign from or turn down. As for bad guys, you have a rogues’ gallery of the usual suspects. The only thing standing in the way of that train is Cade and his newbie handler, Zach Barrows. The pairing of the experienced, cynical partner and the smart-mouthed protege– check; Ambivalent hero– check; Psychotic, CIA black-op villains–check; Long-standing grudge-match with evil nemesis– check; Gratuitous sex scene–check; Explosions and gun fights–check; Kidnap and torture of newbie partner– check At first Zach is frightened in regards to Cade and grudgingly comes to respect the vampire for what he is able to do.

This lets the reader spend as much time with the villains as it does with the heroes. View all 11 comments. Trivia About Blood Oath Natha LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

No trivia or quizzes yet. We are introduced to Zach Barrows, not yet thirty years old and already the deputy director for White House affairs. Read and reviewed in from copy provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for an honest review.


Blood Oath

Needless to say Zach is very ambitious and is not too happy with this career choice that is virtually forced on him. When stopped by security they claim, in a very smirky fashion, that they are using the head for a “brain transplant” and are let through.

The only problem is that there are no demonstrations of logic or smarts that make us believe that Burrows is particularly bright, and his wit consists of dialog along the lines of “Dude, your girlfriend is weird. Bound years ago by a special blood oath, Nathanial Cade is a vampire. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids.

Blood Oath (Farnsworth novel) – Wikipedia

He doesn’t bemoan his situation, doesn’t sit and whine oh why me, poor me. The next book is already in the mail. To be of interest, Cade needs a few more quirks and more menace; he needs a dash of the devil in him like Anne Rice’s Lestat. In fact, I would not chridtopher surprised if one day this book becomes a movie.

Playing for the Ashes. And to add some political intrique, there’s a duplicitous vide president. This is a really well written book that I enjoyed greatly.

Retrieved from ” https: The weapon that stalks the night—compelled to follow presidential order—effectively keeps us safe from the nightmare beings that slither in the shadows.

From the first pages of this book the action, suspense, and intrigue rolled through my mind like a filmstrip. Kennedy ‘s assassination and Roswell.

He subsists on animal blood, and in a unique twist, he helps fight his thirst for blood by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, drawing strength from alcoholics who fight their thirst every day of their lives. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They don’t need to vary from what Farnsworth has written, he has done all the heavy lifting for the studios.

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Blood Oath (Nathaniel Cade, #1) by Christopher Farnsworth

I didn’t notice any typos, grammatical issues or continuity errors that’s not to say there weren’t any, just that they weren’t obvious enough to catch my eyeand this bloor only the galley – I’m impressed. Agreeing to be bound by a blood oath cast by a voodoo priestess, Cade has served since the presidency of Andrew Jackson and has protected every president since that time.

The president is, well, presidential and the vice president is skin-crawlingly obnoxious. According to history, there was a person that was pardoned for being a bloodsucker by President Andrew Jackson.

As the saying goes, “Once you start this book, you can’t put it down”, well it’s the truth. May 18, Pages.

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Emile Hirsch also does angst well. Books by Christopher Farnsworth. I hope the author will give more attention to some of the characters receiving minimal realestate in the first outin – such as Tania, the female vampire who shares a history with Cade.