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BS EN ISO Safety of machinery – Basic concepts, general principles for design – Part 1: Basic terminology, methodology. [Note that EN ISO and EN have both been superseded by EN ISO – Ed, 31 December ]. EN ISO IEC – 1. Electrical. Equipment. BS EN Safety of machinery. Rules for drafting and. Presentation of safety standards. BS ISO

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Markings, signs and written warnings shall be readily understandable and unambiguous, especially as regards the part of the function s of the machine to which they are related.

Limit as far as possible noise, vibration and 12100–1 effects such as extreme temperatures. Information for use consists of communication links, such as texts, words, signs, signals, symbols or diagrams, used separately or in combination to convey information to the user. Manual vs shall be located out of reach of the danger zones see IECexcept for certain controls where, of necessity, they are located within a danger zone, such as emergency stop or teach pendant.

Procedures are described for identifying hazards and estimating and evaluating risks during relevant phases of the machine life cycle, and for the elimination of hazards or the provision of sufficient risk reduction.

NOTE The different kinds of guards and protective devices are defined in 3.

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. This is particularly important when remote access for diagnostic or process correction purposes is required. Once this standard is cited in the Official Journal of the European Union under that Directive and has been implemented as a national standard in at least one Member State, compliance with the normative clauses of this standard confers, within the limits of the scope of this standard, a presumption of conformity with the relevant Essential Requirements of that Directive and associated EFTA regulations.


When estimating risk, those components and systems identified as 12100-1 increasing the risk in case of failure need special attention.

BS EN ISO 12100-1:2003+A1:2009

The primary action for stopping or slowing down should be performed by removal or reduction of voltage or fluid pressure, or — if binary logic elements are considered — by passage from state 1 to state 0 where state 1 represents the highest energy state. They shall provide the minimum possible interference with activities during operation and other phases of machine life, in order to reduce any incentive to defeat them.

Related to regulations, standards and other applicable documents: Users are responsible for its correct application. Standardized phrases shall be considered where important messages such as warnings are given see also IEC Otherwise, there is a possibility that protective measures might be bypassed in order for maximum utility of the machine to be achieved.

Beware, however, that there is a reference to the ‘lowest practicable’ level of risks from hazards, and the standard does not define this term. In such situations care must be taken to ensure that safety is maintained at all times, and this is aided by Sub-clause 5. Each origin has been related to potential significant consequences. November 12100- By: Therefore, in many applications only qualitative risk estimation will be possible.

The correct design of wn control systems can avoid unforeseen and potentially hazardous machine behaviour.

BS EN ISO _百度文库

These illustrations should be supplemented with written details enabling, for example, manual controls actuators to be located and identified. Typical examples of hazardous machine behaviour are? It shall not exclude uses of the machine that can reasonably be expected from its designation and description and shall also warn about the risk which would result from using the machine in other ways than the ones described in the information, especially considering its reasonably foreseeable misuse.

NOTE A fixed guard can be hinged to assist in its opening. Achieving the sio of risk reduction and a bss outcome of risk comparison applied when practicable gives confidence that risk has been adequately reduced.

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To accomplish this hazard sn, it is necessary to identify the operations to be performed by the machinery and the tasks to be performed by persons who interact with it, taking into account the different parts, mechanisms or functions of the machine, the materials to be processed, rn any, and the environment in which the machine can be used.

The different zones shall be clearly defined and it shall be obvious which parts of the machine belong to which zone. Falling or ejection of objects 6.

Types of sensitive protective equipment include? An emergency situation can arise during normal operation of the machine for example, due to human interaction, or as a result of external influencesor as a consequence of a malfunction or failure of any part of the machine.

General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards deals specifically with the guarding design, but the subject is also covered to a lesser extent in EN ISO Clause 5.

Where this is not possible, machines shall have built-in platforms, stairs or other facilities to provide safe access for those tasks; however, care should be taken to ensure that such platforms or stairs do not give access to danger zones of machinery.

Safety of Machinery: EN ISO and EN ISO

This goes into considerable detail, such as in Sub-clause 4. Appropriate words should be selected and combined to describe the hazard in the most convenient way. This compromise in no way indicates that the identification of hazards has been given a reduced prominence, as it remains a vital stage in the process of designing safe machinery.