While Cisco’s official blueprint for v5 is now more detailed that it has ever been in the past, it still Our CCIE RSv5 Expanded Blueprint is meant to be used as a checklist that you can use as you .. IPv6 RS & RA Redundancy. This CCIE Routing & Switching Written v course is specifically designed for covered in the CCIE Routing & Switching Written Exam version blueprint. Cisco Live in Orlando is just starting and everybody that has something to say about the CCIE R&S lab exam is speculating about the next.

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There have been some significant changes in the exam material blueprints, as well as changes in format and underlying technology in the lab exam. The path should be about learning. There are a few questions that cover topics that have been removed from the current version of the CCIE, and there were several questions that referenced older Cisco documentation that is either no longer relevant, or to where things are configured slightly different in the IOS Thank you for the feedback that you gave on these practice test.

Your email address will not be published. There are so many variables to consider, and you have enumerated and defined many so that others can gain a higher foothold when beginning their journey.

I actually enjoyed the large TS labs quite a bit. That is much better than I was expecting. I learned over time that that was the wrong approach. This sounds to me like prime written-exam material, so cice include it in the lab? With a large question pool, probably constantly-changing content, and high value riding on the section, R& am convinced this is for the same purpose as the OEQs were: Conclusion The reason my journey took so long was purely that I did not put in the time required before I went to the exam, I also had some delays due to financial reasons.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Getting your study time in will affect them. Additionally, it takes a process such as constant review of flash cards to maintain that trivia knowledge.

It must be the network You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Format Changes

Congrats and good luck moving forward on passing the lab exam! We really should work on being a little more inclusive, though: Further, I think collapsing IPv4, IPv6, and IP multicast all into the layer 3 topic is a good thing, after all, they are all layer 3 technologies — intermingling v6 is also important as we will increasingly see v6 intermingled in real-world configurations.

This is what worked for me in the end. The written exam represents the knowledge itself. My lab time must be well over hours if I include all the weekends and bootcamps etc.

My question is exactly how bluerint what did you make flash cards on? Bluepriint for the response Roger. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not bluepeint published.

On the other hand, it has only been this year that I finally began to take the goal of passing the exam much more seriously and assign some sort of timeline to it. I was under the assumption that the expert level must mean that bluepribt person knows cccie everything inside and out about every facet of every protocol mentioned on the blueprint, so I started out by covering some of the topics at an insane depth.


This is why CCIE is so reputable. You are commenting using your WordPress. Some people recommend to not take the written exam until you are close to being ready to take the lab exam.

Today I Passed the CCIE R&S v Written Exam –

Notify me of new posts via email. The Troubleshooting section will remain largely the same as it has been.

I am learning Ansible with python to automation of Cisco and any networking devices. I would like to do something similar as I to believe this is a good way to learn all the different topics. Good luck on your next attempt or, congrats on your digits of you passed! They might even be primary family caregivers along with working in networking. Next ensure you have the funds for at least 2 attempts as if you fail the first time you will want to go back within 30 days and not worry about paying for it.

Best wishes on our continued progress.