Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Chevrolet Malibu Repair Manual – Technical Book from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right. HAYNES GM: Malibu (), Classic (), Alero (), Cutlass ( 00) & Grand Am () Info. (Only 8 Remaining). Get DIY detailed auto repair information for a Chevrolet Malibu from the name you trust – Chilton.

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chevrolet malibu Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

If this light comes on and stays on, the vehicle should promptly be pulled off the road and the coolant level checked. When towing a trailer, so there is less shifting between gears. The malfunction indicator lamp on your instrument panel may turn on. RDS is always on. Turn this knob clockwise to increase volume.

No amount of coffee or number of cold showers will speed that up. Manual Remote Control Mirror The outside rearview mirror should be adjusted so you can see a little of the side of your vehicle when you are sitting in a comfortable driving position. If the level of the shoulder is only slightly below the pavement, recovery should be fairly easy. Customer Assistance For Text Telephone Customer Assistance Offices free telephone Chevrolet encourages customers to call the toll-free number for assistance.

Use a flashlight if you need more light.

Climb a long hill on a hot day. Judgment Muscular Coordination Vision They also let police know you have a problem. To make the lap part tight, pull down on the buckle The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug on end of the belt as you pull up on the shoulder belt.


Remote Trunk Release Lockout If Equipped Your remote trunk release may have with a lockout feature to help prevent unauthorized entry into the trunk when leaving the vehicle unattended. If you keep driving your vehicle with this light on, after a while, your emission controls may not work as well, your fuel economy may not be as good and your engine may not run as smoothly. Frequent stops are very important to allow the engine and transaxle to cool.

Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center P.

An Emission Malibi Service. This indicates that your engine is not receiving enough oil. Press this button to display the clock with the ignition off.

They are vitally important to a manuxl, trouble We recommend an ACDelco battery. Any time you notice unusual wear, rotate your tires as soon as possible and check wheel alignment. Be sure to follow the proper installation instructions that are included with any electrical accessory you install. Get it up to speed. Page Page – Part E: Then press and hold the up arrow to move the sound to the front speakers or the down arrow to move the sound to the rear speakers.

Slide the seat to where you want it and release the bar.

If you have the choice, a child should sit next to a window so the child can wear a lap get the additional restraint a shoulder belt can provide. A built in child restraint system is a permanent part of the motor vehicle. Push the button to turn the fog lamps on. This can be very useful in light rain or snow. Snow can trap exhaust gases under your vehicle.


Chevy Malibu Repair Manuals

The malkbu may come and go or be heard all the time your vehicle is moving except when you are pushing on the brake pedal firmly. If you do, the nuts might come loose. Raise or lower cuevy front of the seat cushion by holding the front part of the control up or down.

Newborn infants need complete support, including support for the head and neck. To tighten the belt, pull its free end while you push down on the child restraint.

Chevrolet 2001 Malibu Owner’s Manual

Fuses And Circuit Breakers Fuses and Circuit Breakers The wiring circuits in your vehicle are protected from short circuits by a combination of fuses, circuit breakers and fusible thermal links in the wiring itself. Cassette tapes should be stored in their cases away from contaminants, direct sunlight and extreme heat.

Control of a Vehicle You have three systems that make your vehicle go where you want it to go. Or you may drive long distances all the time in very hot, dusty weather.

Enter text from picture: Slide the guide under and past the belt.