Fatherless America. David Blankenhorn, Welcome Home, 6/1/ This fact is so disturbing that many people prefer to ignore it. Our public debate on the family . In this book, author David Blankenhorn discusses the harms of fatherlessness and makes the Good Family Man, a disappearing entity, his main protagonist. “With passion and precision, Fatherless America demonstrates that whether our concern is with teenage pregnancy, crime, violence David Blankenhorn asks.

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Our society is inundated with the ideas of gender neutrality. This fact is so disturbing that many people prefer to ignore it.

FATHERLESS AMERICA by David Blankenhorn | Kirkus Reviews

Fatherlessness is the most important predictor of blankeenhorn crime — a greater predictor than race or income. We speak of “parenting” as if motherhood and fatherhood were a set of gender-neutral “skills”, like plumbing.

This book explains ddavid was going on in pop psychology regarding family science during the 90s. Fatherless America is not only a review of the past, it is a prophecy of our future if we don’t respond to the most troubling and disastrous demographic trend of the last several generations: The American ideal prizes the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Fatherhood is a cultural invention designed to domesticate masculinity, particularly male aggression, by giving men a social purpose, s Blankenhorn has some very interesting things to say about absent fathers in America.

But like anything taken to an excess, idolizing the power of one, unfettered, can leave many more damaged in the wake. The Diminishment of American Fatherhood.



In today’s script, the Old Father is part nostalgia figure and part straw man — someone who can make today’s baby boomer fathers feel good by comparison. In sobering detail, David Blankenhorn documen This book has been fathegless my radar for years, ever since it was cited by Jeffery R.

Paperbackpages. Fatherlessness has been a hot-button issue sincewhen Vice President Dan Quayle lambasted TV’s Murphy Brown for “mocking the importance of fathers.

One of the great ironies of feminism is that as women have achieved greater autonomy in their quest against davix and patriarchy, they have blankenyorn more and more masculine behaviors and attitudes. In an important sense, the New Father is the modem, improved version of the Old Father — that dutiful but disappointing fellow from an earlier generation who did not talk about his feelings, changed tires rather than diapers, and expected someone blanenhorn to do the dishes.

Fathers are increasingly seen as expendable – or as part of the problem. Although it was written and published over twenty years ago, its commentary and warnings feel not only prescient but present and painful. In our efforts to find greater equality among the sexes, have we ignored a huge amount of unintended consequences? Books by David Blankenhorn. To ask other readers questions about Fatherless Americaplease sign up.

Moreover, fatherlessness is the engine that drives our most pressing social problems. Indeed, his role has become less important than many of the anti-family male roles now prevalent in that script: It heralds the attributes of masculinity rather than decry them, and asserts that fatherhood is the most powerful construct to harness the natural impulses of men.


The central character in today’s fatherhood script is a fellow whom we might call the Superfluous Father. FthenakisBeate Minsel Snippet view – As a social role, fatherhood is reduced to the size of a wallet.

Craig Froman rated it it was amazing Mar 09, Laura rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Mitt Romney comes to mind. We face a cultural loss, affecting every home.

IAV | Article: Fatherless America

But these factors, while certainly alarming, still fail to reveal the heart of the matter. It clashes harshly with a gender-neutral society. Previous books I have read have touched faatherless these topics, such as: If you are a child who has been sexually abused in your home, the ameeica of the abuser being someone other than your biological father are about 40 to one.

Yet male absence from family life is surely the most socially consequential family trend of our era. Fatherlessness is now approaching a rough parity with fatherhood as a defining feature of American childhood.

A frequent writer and lecturer on family issues, his ideas have been cited or presented in numerous publications and television pro-grams. Over 70 percent of juveniles in long-term correctional facilities grew up without their fathers.

It is blankenohrn losing the idea of fatherhood. He impregnates, then exits.