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Dinner with Friends plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. FURTHER READING. Donald Margulies’ play Dinner with Friends was written, he says, like all his works, “to reflect observations I’m having at that time in my life. Dinner With Friends. by Donald Margulies. “Dinner with Friends is a thought provoking bitter-sweet drama.” Stage Review. “Donald Margulies is an.

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As Beth, Julie White again proves herself a complete comedienne down to those little inchoate noises that convey seismic tremors; as Tom, Kevin Kilner goes from likable to ludicrous without skipping a beat.

I see them as a challenge, because you don’t get the departure that a book immediately hands you. He combines evenhandedness with empty space and comes up with an effective and alluring way to draw in his audience. Jan 01, Jake rated it really liked it Shelves: When one couple splits, marvulies is sadness, anger, alliances are made, rethought.

Not until later, after Beth has almost miraculously recovered from her separation from her husband, does Karen even consider that Beth might be at least partially responsible for the demise of her marriage. She is thinking about what it would be like if Gabe left her. Retrieved from ” https: In other words, maybe Beth is not as innocent as Karen portrays her.

Dinnr couple breaks up, and in the process of doing so, they almost develope a ‘plastic’ or ‘artificial’ Ken and Barbie personality, that because I’m divorced now I jog more and have better sex.


The pressure of the dinner with Gabe and Karen, the facade of stability, becomes too much for her to bear. And I appreciate the play’s candid look at the sacrifices of marriage and family life, sacrifices that those who enter into it blindly or with little consideration fail to recognize until much later when they are faced with insurmountable disappointments or irreconcilable differences and bitterness toward their partner 2.

Tom and Beth, however, were not so successful. We have two couples, Beth and Tom and Karen and Gabe, all somewhere in their friebds and all the best of friends; the former couple, Tom in particular, has grown rather weary about his workaday existence as a lawyer.

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Karen relates a dream she had in which she saw a split between who she and Gabe were when they were first married and who they have become since then. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dinner Fdiends Friends is entertainment as succulent as it is sobering. At the heart of the relationship between the two couples, Karen and Gabe and Beth and Tom, have been the meals they have shared together over the years.

Friendships, too, are challenged donzld made raw margulirs this drama moves through a subtle examination of why we keep people constant in our lives, and what it means when both people need to move on. Pulitzer Prize for Drama Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. A hyper-realistic portrayal of how people who are very comfortable with each other fight featuring a few different examples: Later that day, in a Manhattan bar, Tom, a lawyer, dihner Gabe about his happiness with Nancy, to which Gabe reacts sourly.

What do many people have trouble talking about? Gabe and Karen are newly weds.


Tom demands that Beth tell him all the details. With courtiers circling [ How many of such seemingly happy couples are unconsciously deceiving themselves, merely fulfilling roles expected of them? Please try again later. Gabe is neutral about the idea. By unstintingly presenting all sides of this domestic explosion Over the course of the play, both couples are seen at different ages and stages of their lives.

A Play Donald Margulies Snippet view – What would you do if as a couple, your best friends-couple is separating? It’s a well structured, insightful play but it leaves you hungry for seeing Mr. I feel like many of these ideas must sneak into the heads of every single married couple in America at least and yet it seems like I am hard-pressed to find mate Pulitzer: They are not sure what to make of it. When Karen, feeling insecure, finally notices that Beth is distracted, she concludes that something must have been wrong with the dinner.

Dinner with Friends |

But Beth, their friend, is entirely in an opposite realm. What they ate is nearly as important as what was said. It should not begin as such, but during the course of sith exchange it dawns on Gabe subtextually that the friendship is irretrievabl p.

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