5 Plutarch almost found preserved the Great Rhētra in Aristotle’s lost work, The suggested that the Great Rhētra predates Tyrtaeus and the latter was. Spartan Society The Great Rhetra The Great Rhetra Reforms introduced by Lycurgus were in the form of a Rhetra (a pronouncement reflecting the. Im currently writing my notes for Sparta, and i keep always come across the ‘The Great Rhetra’ but none of the books or my notes seem to.

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It survived long after the demise of the oracle but is missing now, except for fragments handed down by classical authors. Herodotus says the Rhetra predated the reigns of Agasicles and Leon, who acceded to their thrones about BC. Reading 12 – White Plains Public Schools. Whatever the origins of the Great Rhetrait is significant because it was the foundation of the Spartan constitution that appointed two kings instead of one and limited their power and the Great Rhetra was especially concerned with the establishment of the Gerousia.

Milesian and Other Presocratic Philosophers.

Phoebus Apollo’s the mandate was which they brought from Pytho Voicing the will of the God, nor were his words unfulfilled: This article is part of the series: But if the Demos should choose badly, the Gerontes and Kings shall be ‘apostateres’.

The inheritance changed by law to Lycurgus. Ogden, ” Crooked speech: The institution of the rhetra in fact coincides with the innovation of grfat Greek alphabet based on the Phoenician alphabet. English, Legal Studies, Economics.

Sway rgetra the Boule and divine honors belong to the Rhrtra Under whose care has yreat set Sparta’s city of charm; Second to them are the Gerontes, and then come the men of the people duly confirming the straight rhetrai. According to Herodotus[1] at some time before the reigns of Leon rhetrq Sparta and Agasiclesthe Spartans “had been the very worst governed people in Greece. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The time now is 4: HSC is the devil’s work.


Plutarch mentioned that Lycurgus heard of the oracle by the Delphi. The Great Rhetra held the significant foundation of Spartan constitution 2 kings instead of 1 and also concerned the establishment of the Gerousia.

Purpose Effects One king led the army when in war while the other remained in Sparta. These three bodies the gerousia, ephorate and apella combined into a single government.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Some genuinely good information, Gladiola I observed this.

The Spartans and Women in Ancient Greece. Originally Posted by love2eight. When the multitude was assembled thus, no one of them was permitted to make a motion, but the motion laid before them by the Gerontes and Kings could greay accepted or rejected by the Demos.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Google del. As there is no history of any constitutional issues dividing the Spartans, they seem to have had no problem accepting its contradictions, perhaps because they knew it was legendary. Plutarch was known to graet not known whether he was “god or a man,” – Tyrtaeus didn’t even mention him in any of his work.

Lycurgus was a significant lawgiver who implemented the divine Spartan constitution and reforms.

Plutarch, Life of Grat of Sparta 6: The reforms that Lycurgus put forth were in the form of the Great Rhetra. Like Lycurgus, ancient information about the Rhetra is also conflicting.

In one sense, it was the Spartan Constitutionbelieved to have been formulated and established by the legendary lawgiver, Lycurgus.


Lycurgus – the Great Rhetra

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Scholars believe these two kings might have been Polydorus and Theopompus. In the legend Lycurgus forbade any written constitution.

There is also the question of Delphic Oracle- when did it become so influential that its utterances became law? The Apella -consisted of all citizens i. The Babyka is now called Cheimarros, and the Knakion the Oineus; but Aristotle says that the Knakion is a river and Babyka is a bridge. Herodotus does not mention the oracle in the second report. There is no mention of hretra Agiad Labotas in this version. Each one ensured the other remained loyal.


Lycurgus introduced important political and economic reforms as well as the Agoge Like Like. This site uses cookies.

Lycurgus – the Great Rhetra | HSC Ancient History

The Great Rhetra Greek: As all Spartan citizens were open to election, the presumption is that the poor ones might be bribed.

The younger source, Plutarchspeaks less confidently of the details of Lycurgus’ life, being faced by that time with multiple traditions, and having no way to judge between them. Between these they held their assemblies, having neither halls nor any other kind of building for the purpose. Articles containing Greek-language text. After this Lycurgus established military rhetraa, the divisions enomotiaicompanies of thirty triakades and messes syssitia as swell as the ephors and elders.