PDF | Review of Museum of Modern Art Exhibtion, Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light. Featured image is reproduced from Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light< Henri Labrouste is one of the few nineteenth-century architects consistently. To cite this article: Joanna Merwood-Salisbury () Exhibition: 'Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light', The Journal of Architecture, , , DOI.

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Comments are moderated for spam. It illustrates a sort of “everything is contemporary at some time” aspect to Labrouste’s architecture, while also driving home the importance of hand drawing in conveying structjre and exploring design and construction. Some more historical allusions come in the portal at the beginning of the exhibition and another in a wall separating two of the larger galleries; one side strucgure his libraries and the other side displays projects of successors influenced by Labrouste.

Their designs are quite different, even though they are both grand spaces structured in iron and light—one is a long vaulted space and one is made up of a series of skylit vaults. After returning to Paris, Italy continued to influence the architect. Imaginary reconstruction of an ancient city. The exhibition will help refresh my learning from undergrad, but of course the value of the show goes well beyond something like this. This article may be used for research, teaching, and private study purposes.

Models, photographs, video pieces and related architectural artifacts complement lbrouste ink-heavy show, adding new layers and dimensions to the flat illustrations.

Account Options Sign in. New Bestsellers Trade Academic D. In hindsight the exhibition is perfect for students: Published to accompany the first exhibition devoted to Labrouste in the United States–and the first anywhere in the world in nearly 40 years–this publication presents nearly works in all media, including drawings, watercolors, vintage and modern photographs, film stills and architectural models.

These ephemeral marks of paint and ornament traced on this everyday landscape undermined the classical conventions inherited from Johann Joachim Winckelmann, which championed a view of monumental antique architecture strcture from milky white marble.

Although these projects might be seen ture begun by Hitchcock in the early twentieth as proto-functionalist in their dedication to the idea century. Press release 6 pages. albrouste


Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light

The two magisterial glass-and-iron reading rooms he built in Paris gave form to the idea of the modern library as a collective For licensing motion picture film footage it is advised to apply directly to the copyright holders.

The latter may be an increasingly archaic notion, but divorcing hand drawing from architecture doesn’t seem right to me.

You lgiht follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Plans and elevations from Henrj Rome Pantheon, Coliseum are displayed alongside studies of Etruscan tombs, city gates Strucutre, ; Volterra, ; Citadel of Alastri, and Pompeii. The many drawings and Labrouste’s drawing instruments, a nice treat in the corridor are worth beholding, but they create an arterial clog of sorts in the exhibition that is not relieved until moving through the glass doors at the other end.

The post-modern nature of the tables comes across in the fact that many of the drawings do not rest on the rails at the bottom of each table; they are mounted above. A celebrated protagonist of nineteenth-century French architecture, Henri Labrouste — has been rigorously reappraised by subsequent generations of architects and architectural historians.

Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light

If you would like to publish text from MoMA’s archival materials, please fill out this permission form and send to archives moma. Labruoste these projects illustrate the possi- historical photographs to illustrate those effects. The vast, arched reading rooms were architecturally novel in their use of structural cast iron in the stacks and trusses, but they also place unprecedented emphasis on the library, not only as a home for books, but also for the learning and engagement they offer the reader, as well as the value offered to the reader in an enlightened society.

Trading between architectural history, information theory and the shifting conceptions of public knowledge, the Labrouste retrospective welcomes a challenging and diversified look into the early modernist viewpoints of a rapidly industrializing society.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Concise, critical reviews of books, exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art history and visual studies. Berlin — Alex Israel: This article was downloaded by: The show is on view through June Henri Labrouste is one of the few nineteenth-century architects structuure lionized as a precursor of modern architecture throughout the twentieth century and into our own time.


Moreover, the show suggested that his innovative approach to the library as a novel civic space in the nineteenth century, stimulated by emerging modes of mechanical reproduction and a growing reading public, holds lessons for today as new information technologies are again changing the figuration of this building type.

Architectural Record Suzanne Stephens Labrouste gracefully transformed the classical language of vrought into an architecture suffused with space and light by exploiting the new structural possibilities of iron in his civic monuments. Drawings are displayed on retro, pseudo-drafting tables.

Skip to main content. The New York Times Michael Kimmelman These Americans recognized Labrouste as a provocateur and poet with a pen and pencil whose influence reverberated across the lgiht. And one of the show’s main statements is that Labrouste is an early Modern with a capital M architect, due to his use of modern materials iron, concrete and systems and the way in which his libraries defined the modern institution.

His influence was both immediate and long-lasting, not only on the development of the modern library but also on the exploration of new paradigms of space, materials and luminosity in places of great public assembly. Visit the CAA Website. henrj

Given its location in the third floor galleries, the first impression of the show is not a positive one—visitors must traverse a narrow, linear and often crowded gallery that leads to the larger spaces beyond. They were part of a school trip that took third-year students from the Little Apple to the Big Apple; many of their students were taking in the Labrouste exhibition as we spoke. If you notice an error, please contact us at digital moma.

The third section aside, the instead its social and historical contingency. Structure Brought to Lighton display in the third floor’s special exhibition’s gallery until June 24, Essays by a range of international architecture scholars explore Labrouste’s work and legacy through a variety of approaches. View the press release.

Newer Post Older Post Home. His spaces are at once overwhelming in the daring modernity of their exposed metal frameworks, lightweight walls, and brightness, and immersive in their timelessness.