The LMD system has promoted new pedagogical practices. However, despite their promises to LMD system in Algeria. pedagogical practices. innovation. – LMD New System in the Algerian University Hanane SARNOU Mostaganem University, English Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria Sabri. The introduction of the LMD system aimed to keep the Algerian university abreast of new trends in higher education to attain the international standards followed.

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A philosophic and practical guide. Here in order to introduce and understand the need of ICT in educational institutions, teachers or students undergoing teacher education must first comprehend and be at ease with ICT.

Considering the purpose of the study, in order to collect necessary data, an in-depth interviewing technique is adopted. She investigates language and education in multicultural and plurilingual settings and gives special attention to educational policy for algerua language communities. This location, Mostaganem city, was selected because Mostaganem University is among the pioneering universities to adopt LMD, thus it could provide us with a sample of students and teachers whose characteristics are appropriate for the research study, and as a teacher at Mostaganem University who witnessed the implementation of LMD new reform, we could have this opportunity to do this investigation.


To reinforce our work, we have also interviewed 10 English classical or licence students from the second, third and fourth years. The role of local authorities in the integration of ICT in learning. What are the attitudes of students towards the implementation of the LMD system in Algerian universities, in particular, Mostaganem University?

Results based on a questionnaire feedback from students in both colleges are given below. The colleges provided neither performed training in ICT nor provisions for Internet browsing. Explaining different types of computer use among primary school teachers. Fisher, T, et al. The use of ICT has the potential to allocate opportunities for learning broadly across the teaching force.


The update was done with a view to bring all stakeholders closer together the socioeconomic environment, the employers, the parents….

Higher education in Algeria

Help Center Find new research papers in: The Algerian university needed a global and thorough reform the LMD aimed at bringing. Algefia and practice in second language acquisition.

The most useful ways of gathering these forms of data are participant observation, in-depth interviews, group interviews, and the collection of relevant documents.

Web browsing was found common among all the respondents.

Students need more structured support of ICT development from their educational institutions. Routledge and National Union of Teachers. The Beauty of the Courseware Is not the Sole Pursuit It is proved through practice that adequate application of multimedia technology to teaching can make breakthroughs in class teaching.

In the same way, within the framework of new procedures in the LMD system that the teacher has to be able to pass logic of knowledge controlling to a process of evaluation seems rather feasible.

Higher education in Algeria | SPHERE

Technology Standards for School Administrators. Such as 1 the scoring: Because of the nature of this type of research, investigations are often connected with methods such as in-depth interviewing, participant observation and the collection of relevant documents. Their knowledge for learning is gained from outside the institution. Algeriaa will observe these in the light of our short experience in Mostaganem University. More technological means were provided; more awareness was perceived in the teaching materials provided by teachers and an increasing optimistic perception of LMD as a reform that would promote English teaching in this department.

This new approach to teaching has brought to the fore the notion of learning outcomes translated in terms of knowledge, competences, skills and attitudes. Semestrialization, and educational Units EU. How are teachers using computers for instruction? You are said to be more competent algeeria Licence students of a same sytsem, do you believe in such a stereotype?


Journal of Research on Computing in Education, 31, — Which is more specialized and focused, Systemm learning under the classical system or English learning under the LMD system? The diffusion of information technology in Singapore schools: There was an important growth in terms of its infrastructure — be it material or human; this growth was followed by a succession of problems and issues that led to a gradual decadence of the teaching and learning quality at university level.


British Journal of Educational Technology, 31, — The need for change has come from a high number of dysfunctions that have prevented the university from providing more adequate learning conditions. Besides, there was a serious disagreement between social demands, market demands and what the university produced. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

EU Delegation in Algiers: All the respondents complained about lack of PCs and restrictions from the authority to use Internet face.

It must encompass the use of ICT to manage complexity and solve problems by thinking critically, creatively, and systematically towards the goal of acquiring thinking and problem-solving skills[10]. Curricula and the use of ICT in iin.

However, in this paper, we are interested in its novelty and reliability, as a new reform, and its impact on teaching English as a foreign language EFL. The findings of the study show that ICT has not been included as a core course at the level in the colleges. The introduction of LMD into the Algerian universities should be accompanied by these new ideas for innovative teaching practices systme improve the performance of the university system but also lead to greater employability of graduates.

Institute of Education, University of London. What are the attitudes of the English teachers towards the implementation of the LMD system in Algerian universities, in particular, Mostaganem University? Akgeria, therefore, are no more the only, exclusive omnipotent of knowledge. The LMD reform has come to help universities face globalization and the internationalisation of higher education.